Eco-Oil´s Products & Services


Reception and Treatment of MARPOL Waste

Eco-Oil is the only unit in Portugal, with its own terminal, licensed to receive waste generated on board ships (MARPOL waste).


Hazard Waste Treatment from land-based sources

Eco-Oil is a unit of treatment and final disposal of all types of oily waste, either oily water, paste waste or oily water separators sludge.


Import of Waste, collected by third parties, to be treated in Eco-Oil

Using a very effective treatment process and focused on the recovery and reuse of oily fractions for fuel production; Eco-Oil is a final destination plant of international reference and contributes actively and positively to the generation of added value to national economy.


Fuel Commercialization

The fuel produced in Eco-Oil is chemically identical to the fuel produced in national refineries.

Civil and environmental responsibility

    Since 2009, Eco-Oil has a quality management system certified by ISO 9001 for the collection, reception and treatment of oily waters of marine or terrestrial origin and valorisation of hydrocarbons through the production and commercialization of fuel oil.

    Eco-Oil bases its act on a strong commitment to protection of environmental values, working on risk analysis and in the implementation of more eco-efficient practices and technologies.

    In Eco-Oil all employees are committed to ensure a safety operation, free of accidents to protect people, assets and the environment.


Eco-Oil provides services to a wide range of clients from various economic activities, including::

  • Shipowners in general;

  • Fuel supply service stations;

  • Oil companies;

  • Companies whose activity generates wastewater contaminated with hydrocarbons.

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