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December 2018

Annual Port Facility Protection Year under the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code – ISPS

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In a scenario of intrusion and bomb threat, the terminal protection plan was tested and the emergency plan was activated through the Port Protection Officer.

Quality audit for renovation and transition of ISO 9001 and 14001 references, and OSHAS 18001 renovation

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Eco-Oil successfully completed the process of renewal and transition of the integrated quality, environment and safety system in July 2018.

Radio communications in case of emergency

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In case of an emergency in the terminal, the emergency management had a lack of communication efficiency between Tanquisado and Eco-Oil; companies did not share a common frequency and the communications were done through a third party, the security officer located in the terminal gate.

Installation of automatic fire detection systems

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After a risk assessment, a system was designed to fulfill two automatic systems, one for offices with automatic fire detection (SADI), and one more complete for the electrical boards, boiler area and for the fuel refinery, with the automatic detection and extinguishing functionality fire protection (SADEI).

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