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July 2019

Terminal Certification at ISPS level

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In July 2019, the ISPS Certification of the Tanquisado / Eco-Oil Terminal was renewed, and the respective Declaration of Conformity No. 945 was issued by the Competent Authority for the Protection of Maritime Transport and Ports (ACPTMP - DGRM). - “… with the globalization of markets and economies, and the associated dangers, it is important [...]

Ship anchored in the port of Lisbon for more than a year ago, was decontaminated at Eco-Oil

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The Rio Arauca vessel, held in the port of Lisbon for almost two years, as a result of the enormous crisis experienced in Venezuela, was decontaminated at Eco-Oil in July 2019. The ship, managed by the company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), was decontaminated at Eco-Oil and went on to repair at the Lisnave shipyard - [...]

Guillaume Figueira

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Guillaume Figueira, Master in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University Nova de Lisboa, assumes since July 2019 the functions of Head of Laboratory and it’s part of the team dedicated to Special Projects. We count on him to reinforce the technical development of the Company and to [...]

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