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November 2020

Tanquisado 7500 m3 Tank Cleaning


Eco-Oil has made the tanks cleaning from a fuel oil storage tank, with a capacity of 7500 m3 located at the Terminal. It was necessary to allocate external manpower and specific equipment to carry out this operation. Between 2 and 10 cleaning operators were involved simultaneously, having collected 147.5 tons of sludge from inside, in [...]

Public Consultation of the legislation on the General Regime of Waste Management


Eco-Oil has activity participate in the public consultation of the Proposal for the amendment of the General Waste Management Regime, having also sent its suggestions to the business associations to which it belongs.

Tower Crane


Eco-Oil and Tanquisado launched the tender for the rehabilitation of the tower positioned in the Maritime terminal licensed by APSS. The tower requalification is part of the set of add-ons and responsibilities of the concession and should be completed in the first half of 2021. “This work is very important to ensure the safety of [...]

Conclusion of Bruna Coelho’s Master Thesis

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Within the scope of the protocol established with FCT, Faculty of Science and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the dissertation “Optimization of a residual fuel oil production unit, recovered from marine and industrial oily residues, as well as the study of the increment of value of this fuel oil.” was discussed and approved. [...]

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