Eco-Oil together with Tanquisado and Rebonave have been envolved in the CASCADE’19 exercise.

CASCADE’19 is a European civil protection exercise to be held in Portugal between 28 May and 1 June 2019, organized by the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, in collaboration with the Directorate-General of the Maritime Authority, and co-financed by European Union in the framework of the Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Union.

In the exercise teams from Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Croatia participate, mobilizing in total more than 3000 participants, foreign and Portuguese. It aims to test and train the response to multiple emergency situations that may occur in cascade (earthquake, floods, chemical accident, dam rupture and marine pollution) in national territory. It is a LIVEX (Live Exercise) with more than 60 different scenarios, in the districts of Lisbon, Aveiro, Évora and Setúbal.

The Eco-Oil and Tanquisado teams have been specifically trained by the Maritime Authority and have been involved in maritime pollution mitigation operations through the launching of anti-pollution barriers.