Commitment of Sustainability

Eco-Oil is the main national company of reception of hazardous waste from marine origin; with a waste treatment and a fuel recovery operations held in Setúbal, in the estuary of the River Sado, assuming a protection guarantee of environment, people and assets.

We make this commitment to conduct our activities in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Our commitments are approved by management and understood by our employees, reflecting our responsibility and conviction of a responsible act.

The sustainability policy is based on three dimensions, which are translated into integrated practices of our business model and have an impact in our economic, social and environmental practices.

The Responsible Care® Program, which ECO-OIL is a signatory, is a voluntary global commitment by the chemical industry under which companies through their national associations commit to continuous improvement of environmental, health and safety practices by reporting and interested parties, the characteristics of their products and production processes, providing society with safe, reliable and profitable end products.

Our sustainability policy

In social dimension

With a conduct based on ethics, transparency and openness to the community, Eco-Oil seeks to demonstrate to all stakeholders the respect for common values and interests, namely in the environmental preservation and regarding extreme care in protecting the habitats present in the estuary. Eco-Oil also maintains a connection to the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal to sponsor internships and participates with the civil protection in all exercises conducted in the Peninsula of Setúbal.

At the same time, alongside with their customers and partners, Eco-Oil demonstrates on a day to day basis a strong commitment towards the satisfaction and the quality of the provided services.

As it is well known, hazardous waste handling activity fits potential health risks and thus, Eco Oil has implemented a risk detection mechanism and its minimization and takes strict and continued control over the health of its employees, either through mandatory control plans, either by offering a health insurance.

Finally, Eco-Oil bets on both personal and professional development of its employees, either in terms of their training, either in establishing a fair remuneration policy that promotes satisfaction and retention of the employees.

In the economic dimension

Eco-Oil, in the figure of its employees, is committed to create value and return on assets available to the organization. To ensure a sustainable growth base of the business and of the shareholder remuneration.

In the environmental dimension

Eco-Oil bases its action on a strong commitment to protection of environmental values, which is translated in a depth analysis of risks and impacts as well as in the investment in eco efficient technologies and practices.