Since 2006, Eco-Oil is member of Euroshore – International Association of units of reception and treatment of contaminated waste with hydrocarbons from marine origin.

The association was founded in 1998 and has members in Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, Turkey, Spain, Romania, the UK and Portugal.

The main objective of the association is to promote the economic interests of its members concerning the management of maritime waste

Registered in Brussels as stakeholder and lobbyist, it is principally committed with the monitoring of the implementation of the European Directive (2000/59/EC) regarding port reception facilities for ship-generated and cargo wastes.

Other goal of this association is to follow the evolution of the legal framework and regulations of the discharge activity of maritime waste and promote the application of best practices and eco efficient technologies.

The Eco-Oil holds the Vice-presidency of the association since 2014.

Euroshore Conferences

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