Caring on the expertise and technical know-how of former Quimitécnica Ambiente about the treatment of hazardous industrial waste, Eco-Oil is part of a corporate group that includes, as the most relevant companies, Eco-Oil Bahamas, Quimitécnica Ambiente 3, S.A. and Ecodeal S.A.

Group Companies

Eco-Oil Bahamas
Eco-Oil BahamasEco-Oil Bahamas Limited
Eco-Oil BahamasEco-Oil Bahamas is a Joint Venture between Quimitecnica (holder of Eco-Oil Portugal) and Queensway Navigation (company specialized in ship management), and represents a US $ 10 million investment to support the installation of a treatment of marine waste and a mobile collection unit to operate in Freeport harbor.
Quimitécnica Ambiente 3
Quimitécnica Ambiente 3Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, S.A.
Quimitécnica Ambiente 3 – Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, S.A. resulted from the independence of the Department of “Water Treatment Plant Management” of the former Quimitécnica Ambiente, SA, referred above. It began its operations in October 2009, being heir of the knowledge and expertise and know how acquired over the years by the mother company in the treatment of industrial and domestic effluents.
It acts particularly in the industrial sector, in the treatment of liquid industrial effluents and management of networks of industrial waters, working in this area with the major national companies, putting the knowledge and expertise accumulated inside the company and team available to serve all types of industries.
EcodealGestão Integral de Resíduos Industriais, S.A.
Ecodeal – Gestão Integral de Resíduos Industriais, S.A. is a company which owns an integrated center for recovery, valorization and disposal of hazardous waste (CIRVER), where Eco-Oil holds a qualified minority stake of about 24.4%. Under the legislation on the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control of ECODEAL was granted the Environmental License N. 31/2006.
The plant is located in the Eco-Park in Relvão, in Chamusca municipality, covering an area of about 32 ha. The CIRVER was opened on June 4th, 2008 and represents a total investment of over 20 million euros, with a processing capacity of about 200,000 ton / year.
This modern and integrated infrastructure combines the best available techniques, aiming a specific solution for each type of waste, emphasising the waste treatment hierarchy with solutions that lead to the reuse, recycling and energetic recovery instead of landfilling.
It can manage and treat the vast majority of types of hazardous industrial waste produced in Portugal, thus allowing the country to be practically autonomous in the management of this waste.