Eco-Oil Team

Nuno Matos
Nuno MatosGeneral Manager
Nuno has been the general manager of Eco-Oil since 2008, leading the company to new national and international markets, with the development of business and investment opportunities in other locations in the world.

In 2010 he launched Eco-Oil Bahamas, an initiative which he led as secretary general until 2018. In this period, Nuno gathered the necessary support to develop and successfully implement the project, with the new plant being planned to start operations in first quarter of 2020.

Nuno has also had responsibilities in European Association Euroshore. In 2014 he was elected Vice President and from 2016 to 2018 he took on the role of President of the Association.

In 2018, Nuno co-founded the Portuguese Association of Fuel Oil Recycling and currently holds the Vice Presidency.

Previously to Eco-Oil, Nuno held several executive management positions in Galp Energia, within the natural gas business, including Controller, Project Manager, Business Development, and Board Advisor. Later, he founded and was the CEO in a real estate management company and was the Commercial Director of De Viris, a company in the energy and environmental sector.

In the early years of his career, he worked as a Project Engineer in EDP and Procesl.
Nuno holds a degree in Technological Chemistry from the University of Lisbon and two graduate level degrees in management: Advanced Management Program for Executives and Real Estate Management and Project Evaluation, both by the Catholic University of Portugal.
He lives in Lisbon and has two sons.

Célia Pedro
Célia PedroIndustrial Manager
Graduated in Chemical Engineer from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra in September of 2016.
Celia started her professional activity as Business Development Engineer at Ciengis S.A in September of 2016. She became Member of the Portuguese Engineer´s Chamber in December of 2017.
In February of 2018, Celia started her work at Eco-Oil as responsible for the laboratory management. Celia leads the Blue Ports project aiming to treat ballast water and supports Eco-Oil special projects development.
After one year of hard work at Eco-Oil, Celia had shown her capacities to take the leadership role of Eco-Oil Industrial Facility Management, since February 2018.
Gonçalo Camejo
Gonçalo CamejoResponsible for HSEQ System (Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality) and PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer)
Graduated in Chemical Engineering/Environmental Engineering, Gonçalo joined Eco-Oil in 2009. He holds the responsibility for the Integrated Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality System, accumulating the function of Port Facility Security Officer.
He began his professional activity in 1998 in the green spaces of Expo ’98, and then worked in Ecoserviço and Quimitécnica Ambiente, where he holds the coordination and management role of the DRWTS and IRWTS.
He lives in Lisbon and has two daughters.
Rui Guerreiro
Rui GuerreiroShift Supervisor
Rui holds a master degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Évora, he has worked for 15 years as Production Manager in structural ceramics industry. Since march 2017 has started a new professional challenge at Eco-Oil as Shift Supervisor.
Hugo Salvador
Hugo SalvadorShift Supervisor
In Eco-Oil since 2000, Hugo has spent his entire professional career in the company.
Trained in safety and security, he is frequent presence in exercises and drills performed in the terminal. Hugo combines a strong experience as a production operator to his proactive attitude; the speed and availability make him a key element of the team. Based in his high performance and expertise he was in May 2017 promoted to Shift Supervisor
He lives in Setúbal and has a son and is a strong supporter of Sporting CP.
Nuno Costa
Nuno CostaShift Supervisor
Since March 2017, Nuno is one of the Shift Supervisors of Eco-Oil, he holds a degree in electrical & mechanical engineering and started his professional career in 1994.
He have worked in Visteon Portugal as production operater, in Ecotecnica and Manvia, as contrat manager in the environmental division. He live in Setúbal, is married and has 2 kids. He is S.L.Benfica supporter.
Luis Agostinho
Luis AgostinhoProduction Operator
In Eco-Oil since 2001, Luis began his career in 1999 in GPL and had worked in Claudiocar and Discompor.
In Eco-Oil, Luís found the professional environment suitable for the development of his skills of mechanics and operations leadership.
Confident and diligent, Luis analyses the operations and contributes positively to the success of the industrial activities.
Fond of machinery, Luis restores classic vehicles (cars, motorcycles or jeeps).
He lives in Setúbal and has a boy and a girl.
Nuno Cunha
Nuno CunhaProduction Operator
In Eco-Oil since 2000, Nuno started his career in 1997 in Lisbon, in ETC, where he developed an activity, in part, similar to one he performs in Eco-Oil.
With a relaxed spirit, Nuno takes his tasks with professionalism and concern.
With a straightforward mind-set, he is the group’s spokesman, being a fundamental person regarding the balance and consistency of the whole work team.
He lives in Quinta do Conde and has a daughter.
Hugo Santos
Hugo SantosProduction Operator
Hugo had several professional experiences including operator at the terminal of Tanquisado (company that shares the port facilities with Eco Oil).
With an open attitude and availability even in the most difficult tasks, he conquered his space and we rely on him to strengthen our team.
He lives in Setúbal.
Mário Santos
Mário SantosProduction Operator
Mário has been integrating Eco-Oil since April with the role of Production Operator, with strong industrial background in the metallurgical sector, started in 2007 at Lusosider and also worked at CTT and Siderurgia Nacional.
He has a son and lives in Seixal. He practices jiu-jitsu and soccer and is a great fan of SL Benfica.
Marcos Valério
Marcos ValérioProduction Operator
Marcos has had several professional experiences where Lisnave stands out, he have also worked in Salemo & Merca, Duba Metalomecânica and Etermar. As a temporary worker and through a service provider, he collaborated in the construction of our new fuel refinery at Eco-Oil, where his performance has called for attention, which allowed him in March 2017 an important transfer in the “winter market” to Eco-Oil, with the function of Production Operator. We rely on him to strengthen the team and support the company success.
Guillaume Figueira
Guillaume FigueiraHead of Laboratory Department
Master in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from the Faculty of Sciences
and Technologies at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in November 2017.
He started his professional activity in January 2018 as a Project Engineer
in the polymer industry, more specifically in plastic injection molding.
In July 2019 he started his second professional experience at Eco-Oil as responsible for Laboratory and support for Special Projects.
Nuno Moreira
Nuno MoreiraProduction Operator
Nuno began his professional activity in 1999 at Halla Climate Control, with the function of lathe mechanical operator, having also assumed the same task in Lurga. In April 2018, he joined Eco-Oil and we counted on him to strengthen our team of operators. He enjoys agriculture and mechanics, has two children, Alice and Vicente, lives in Barreiro and is a SCP fan.
Fernando dos Santos
Fernando dos SantosProduction Operator
Fernando was hired to reinforce Eco-Oil’s operations, with the aim to support Eco-Oil’s growth and development strategy. He has professional experience in the petrochemical industry since 2013, having worked at Shell and other white fuel companies. He lives in Setúbal with his family.
Francisco Xavier Quintela
Francisco Xavier Quintela
Has born in Porto in 1987 and a master degree in Information Systems Management at ISEG. Began his professional career in 2013, in consulting projects specializing in the area of Waste Management. Until joining Eco-Oil in May 2019, he accumulated experiences in the sector, both inside and outside Portugal, in waste treatment, recovery, and landfill companies. At Eco-Oil, he´s main objectives are to contribute to the improvement of information systems and to optimize internal processes, linking operational and financial activities.
Elsa Jesus
Elsa Jesus
Born in Barreiro and a degree in Administrative Techniques from IEFP, she started her professional career in 1994, where she accumulated experience in accounting and administrative department. She worked for several companies, always in the same area, starting his services at Eco-Oil in 2007, where he provides Administrative and Accounting assistance. Lives in Barreiro.
Ana Mendes
Ana Mendes
Ana joined the group on 2007 providing support on financial department. Inside the group Ana experiences other departments, such as commercial and administrative, where she performed functions in Waste Management Area.
In 2010, Ana settled on Eco-Oil where is a Key user between operational and financial areas.
Leandro Manuel
Leandro ManuelProduction Operator
Manuel Leandro has a bachelor’s degree in oil Engineering – refining area, by the Superior Institute Jean Piaget located in Almada.
Leandro started his professional activity in 2018, as a thermal insulation operator. He has a background in Safety in the Petrochemical Industry and experience in air conditioning.
Leandro lives in Almada and practices football during his free time. He also is a Portuguese Club supporter, Benfica.
João Brito
João BritoProduction Operator
João André Brito, was born at 07/10/1989 in Setúbal.
Professionally, he already had different experiences, which he highlights military service that enabled him to develop a lot of human skills.
Nowadays, Joao has a beautiful family, married with two children. During his free time, he likes to have time with his family, go to the gym, play football.
João is a Portuguese Club Suporte, FCPORTO.
Mariana Ye Yin
Mariana Ye YinIntern
Mariana is currently attending the Master’s degree in chemical engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico. In 2020, she started a part-time at the Institute as a collaborator of the LTI-DEQB (The Information Technologies Laboratory of the Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Department). Throughout her academic path, she participated as a collaborator in “Jornadas de Engenharia Química”. During the summer of 2019, she did an internship in the Liquefaction of Forest Waste project at IST. Moreover, since 2019 she has divided her time between university classes and is a Physics and Chemistry tutor to younger students.
Filipa Santos
Filipa Santos
Student in the last year of the Masters in the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She did a curricular internship at the company Carmo Wood in Oliveira de Frades, within the scope of Quality Control, and subsequently started a study proposed by the company for the Optimization of the Treatment Process. During her curricular path, she was involved in some activities, such as being Secretary of the Direction of the Chemical Engineering Nucleus, Collaborator in the Image Department of the University Students Solidarity Association and Assistant Monitor of internships for secondary school students in partnership with Ciência Viva.
Duarte Malveiro
Duarte Malveiro
Duarte is 23 years old. He is a student of Masters’ Degree Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Energy at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), fascinated with Aerodynamics and Alternative Energies.

On the other hand, Duarte is eager to learn more about technology development and the Cars Industry. For this reason, he chose to enroll in a Minor in High-Performance Computing, at IST.

During college, Duarte also participated in the student’s group from PSEM (Projeto Sustentabilidade Energética Móvel), as a member of the Mechanical Project section, and currently he is in the team BEST Lisbon (Board of European Students of Technology), as a Design Member.

Throughout his academic path, Duarte has been attending Summer Internships to develop his technical and soft skills. During the last three years, Duarte was at Schindler, at Engiprior, and currently, he is at Eco-Oil.

In his free time, he likes practicing mountain biking, playing on the computer, and going out with friends.

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