Within the scope of the protocol established with FCT, Faculty of Science and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the dissertation “Optimization of a residual fuel oil production unit, recovered from marine and industrial oily residues, as well as the study of the increment of value of this fuel oil.” was discussed and approved.

“The theme addressed in this thesis is extremely important for Eco-Oil. The incorporation of scientific knowledge in the improvement and optimization of the current production, as well as in the analysis of new and more interesting ways of valuing the obtained product, are crucial to support the sustainability of the company’s business model, which is based on the production of fuel through waste treatment”, says Nuno Matos, Eco-Oil Managing Director and co-supervisor of the Thesis.

Necessary investments were triggered as an outcome of the study carried out, to immediately incorporate the benefits in the process resulting from the conclusions of the Thesis – expected to be running in the first half of 2021.

Bruna Coelho has integrated very well into day-to-day activities, and has revealed important skills that will greatly contribute to her professional success – “on behalf of Eco-Oil, I would like to thank and wish the best personal and professional happiness to Bruna”, Says Nuno Matos.