Eco-oil has been present as speaker in the online SEARICA conference dedicated to Managing ships effluents within the Green Deal.

Session was moderated by Mrs. Deirdre CLUNE, and Nuno Matos on behalf of Eco-Oil and also Euroshore has made the presentation, What if, black could be green too?

Nuno Matos has started the presentation sharing a general overview about the types wastes and specific volumes produced inside a ship to conclude has a wake-up call that 77% of all the wastes discharged in European ports are hydrocarbons, making and overall of almost 2millons of tons received every year.

Therefore, starting with this huge figure in mind, Nuno Matos presented the Extended producer responsibility concepted and how much could cost if European Port implemented a system where the oily wastes could be discharge free of charged.

Extended producer responsibility study was made by Deloitte coordinated by Euroshore International in 2015, during the revision of directive 59, and to make a long story short, the support of the system to be able to incentive the discharge free of charge, could be achieved by adding just 4 euros per metric ton in the bunkers fee. As a consequence, the bunkering industry would collect the founds needed to support all the recycling industry in Europe and illegal discharges at sea wouldn´t no longer made any sense.

Nuno conclude the presentation by sharing successful case of waste oil regeneration at Eco-Oil, demonstrating a real case where a waste in processed as row material and used to produce Fuel Oil. A Product 100% recycled capable to substitute the fossil fuel produced in a regular refinery within much less emissions and low CO2 foot print.

Eco-Oil it’s a example of circular economy, by producing a low carbon Fuel 100% recycled.

Session was concluded with the participation of Ms Rikke NIELSEN, from DG Move.

Watch Nuno Matos’ presentation here.

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