Our managing director has given an Interview to ABA, Advances Bioenergia Association, highlighted the importance of the Eco-Oil Team for the company’s success.

EcoGreen Power was one of the subjects of greatest interest, with Nuno Matos referring “this fuel has a double impact in terms of polluting emissions, from the outset, because for each ton it burns it avoids the use of a ton of equivalent fossil fuel, on the other hand. On the other hand, the EcoGreen Power combustion process releases less polluting emissions”. It was also mentioned, “In 2020, EcoGreen Power avoided 3600 tons of CO2 emission and this is our main success story. In 2001, this fuel was a waste and has become a new product with a status exactly the same as that which comes out of a refinery. We are proud to be part of this energy transition.”

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