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September 2019

Zero Non compliances!

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In September 2019, Eco-Oil's Integrated Management System keep the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, and made the transition to the new ISO 45001 standard, without any non-compliance. Eco-Oil is certified by ISO 9001 since 2009, currently holds the latest versions of the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards - “it was with satisfaction and [...]

July 2019

Terminal Certification at ISPS level

2020-02-26T18:32:45+00:0026/07/2019|Tags: |

In July 2019, the ISPS Certification of the Tanquisado / Eco-Oil Terminal was renewed, and the respective Declaration of Conformity No. 945 was issued by the Competent Authority for the Protection of Maritime Transport and Ports (ACPTMP - DGRM). - “… with the globalization of markets and economies, and the associated dangers, it is important [...]

Ship anchored in the port of Lisbon for more than a year ago, was decontaminated at Eco-Oil

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The Rio Arauca vessel, held in the port of Lisbon for almost two years, as a result of the enormous crisis experienced in Venezuela, was decontaminated at Eco-Oil in July 2019. The ship, managed by the company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), was decontaminated at Eco-Oil and went on to repair at the Lisnave shipyard - [...]

Guillaume Figueira

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Guillaume Figueira, Master in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University Nova de Lisboa, assumes since July 2019 the functions of Head of Laboratory and it’s part of the team dedicated to Special Projects. We count on him to reinforce the technical development of the Company and to [...]

June 2019

@BluePorts – Ballast Water Treatment Services Offer

2019-07-24T20:05:40+00:0015/06/2019|Tags: , |

As part of the @Blue Port project, as previously reported, aims to demonstrate ballast water treatment technology. During the May and June of 2019, Eco-Oil offered the ballast water treatment service at the ports of Lisbon and Setúbal. With this initiative, Eco-Oil call for attention of port community for the importance of ballast water treatment [...]

May 2019

Cascade 2019

2019-07-24T20:12:51+00:0029/05/2019|Tags: , |

Eco-Oil together with Tanquisado and Rebonave have been envolved in the CASCADE'19 exercise. CASCADE'19 is a European civil protection exercise to be held in Portugal between 28 May and 1 June 2019, organized by the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, in collaboration with the Directorate-General of the Maritime Authority, and co-financed by European Union [...]

@BluePorts – Participation in European Maritime Day Workshop – Invasive Species & the IMO Ballast Water Convention

2019-07-24T20:10:54+00:0016/05/2019|Tags: , |

Inserted in the program of the European Maritime Day, Eco-Oil participated in the conference, through direct participation in a booth, with the company's dissemination and its skills realized through the projection of a promotional film, or through participation in the workshop "Invasive Species & the IMO Ballast Water Convention"With the presence of Nuno Matos at [...]

@BluePorts – Progress Meeting in Lisbon

2019-07-24T20:07:34+00:0015/05/2019|Tags: , , |

At 15 of May, the Administration of the Port of Lisbon and Bentley, with the collaboration of Eco-Oil, received a delegation from the participants @BluePorts Project, for the bi-annual project follow-up meeting enclosed with a practical demonstration of ballast water treatment powered by Eco-Oil. The demonstration of the treatment of ballast water was also included [...]

@BluePorts – Project Participants Reception

2019-07-24T20:09:01+00:0015/05/2019|Tags: |

Eco-Oil offered the @BluePorts Project participants a lunch in a relaxed environment where the delegation was able to enjoy the good atmosphere of the capital and the magnificent views along the Tagus River. It was a fantastic social moment, where it was possible for the participants to develop the interpersonal relationships that greatly helped the [...]