Fuel Commercialization

Comercialização de Fuel

The fuel produced in Eco-Oil is in compliance with the national specification for this product and is chemically similar to the fuel produced in domestic refineries.

Furthermore, the production process is included in our certification and the quality of the final product is monitored continuously.

What do we do differently

  • Supply Capacity

    Due to its high storage capacity, Eco-Oil can absorb the fluctuations of the market and ensure the regularity in terms of supply, essential for the planning and operations of the industrial units of our customers.

  • Long-term supply contracts

    Energy is one of the major inputs of our customers and through long-term contracts, Eco-Oil can ensure a volume of regular supply and price stability, cushioning fluctuations in international prices of petroleum products.

  • Acknowledged quality Fuel

    The loyalty of our customers and their satisfaction is the best guarantee we can provide of the quality of the commercialized product.

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Here you can find technical documentation concerning the activities of hazardous waste treatment of terrestrial origin, developed by Eco-Oil.

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