Reception and treatment of MARPOL waste

Eco-Oil is the only hazardous waste facility in Portugal operating a maritime terminal for private use, where receives MARPOL wastes – annexes 1 and 2.

Eco-Oil´s terminal has high tankage capacity and reception, and enables the reception of 12500 m3 in a single daily operation (equivalent to 500 road tankers).

In Portugal, the terminal of the Eco-Oil is the only unit accepted by customers with high safety standards such as Shell, and an European reference for the reception of oily waste with flash point below the safety level 65 ºC.
Without restrains regarding the flash point and high reception capacity, the terminal is still sought internationally to perform sludge discharge operations and also cleaning holds of vessels.

Eco-Oil collects, through mobile means, waste in other terminals in the ports of Setúbal.

What do we do differently

  • Low Flash Point

    In the terminal there are no restrictions on the discharge of flammable products at room temperature (low flash point). The equipment and procedures are adjusted and follow the guidelines of refineries and petroleum terminals.

  • Sludge removal

    Due to its characteristics, the terminal is ideal for cleaning and discharge of sludge from tankers.
    The ship can remain in the terminal as long as it needs to perform the cleaning and discharge of the sediments. The terminal offers hand labour (manpower) and all the equipment necessary to perform the demucking operation.

  • High capacity reception

    The terminal allows the discharge of large volumes of waste in a single commercial operation in a short time. The maximum already recorded was 12 500 m3 in 24 hours.

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Here you can find technical documentation concerning the activities of MARPOL waste collection and treatment, developed by Eco-Oil.

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