Quality, Environment and Safety Policy


The Board of Administration of Eco-Oil, in compliance of the defense and promotion of the principles of responsible conduct, undertakes to adopt a management model based on the principles of continuous improvement, aiming to satisfy the stakeholders, namely customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the environment.

In this sense, the company has implemented and maintains the certification of Management System of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work, based on standards NP EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001/NP 4397.

Strategic goals

In line with the principles defined, Eco-Oil pursues the following strategic objectives:

  • Improve the planning, coordination, execution and control of work processes, including regarding shift work and repair works and improvement of infrastructure;
  • To increase their competitiveness, thereby leveraging the investments needed to strengthen its market position;
  • Improve continuously services in order to meet customer expectations, always trying to respond in a timely and preventive manner;
  • Improve the partnership relationships with suppliers, promoting the identification of suppliers and key supplies and the dynamization of the management of these relations;
  • Promote a constant updating of skills of employees, streamlining training plans and disseminating information and ensuring appropriate integration plans where necessary as a result of functional profiles;
  • Ensure the compliance of applicable legal requirements and others that the organization subscribes, promoting a periodic assessment of such compliance;
  • Ensure that the relevant aspects of environmental protection and occupational safety and health work are systematically taken into account;
  • Maintain and develop systems of quality, environment, health and safety at work management system, defining the goals for continuous improvement, regularly evaluating the results and introducing the necessary corrective actions;
  • To minimize the environmental impacts of their activities, promoting the rational use of water and energy, pollution prevention and emergency drills;
  • To prevent damage, injury and damage to health, as well as the occurrence of accidents involving hazardous substances, industrial accidents and occupational diseases, to ensure high standards of performance in environmental and occupational health and safety;
  • Facilitate communication, training and professional development of its employees, ensuring the adequacy of their skills to the roles they play;
  • Involve, in compliance with the principles and commitments outlined above, included related with Responsible Care Iniciative, all employees of the company, as well as suppliers and service providers who cooperate with it.

The short / medium term objectives will be defined annually by the Board of Administration of Eco-Oil.


The implementation of these principles and objectives requires the involvement and motivation of all employees of the company at all levels and in all circumstances.
Also requires maintaining a good working environment and the preservation of the necessary human and physical factors that contribute to it.

March 9th, 2018

The Administration