Eco-Oil was invited to present its case study at the SM + Circular Webinar: “Contribution of Basic Chemistry to Circularity”, organized by the Business Confederation of Portugal – CIP, and the Portuguese Chemistry Association – APQuimica. It was an opportunity to show how Eco-Oil applies the principles of circular economy on a daily basis, with a strong focus on the production of EcoGreen Power, as a low-carbon fuel, 100% recycled and which daily replaces alternative fossil fuels in the Portuguese Markket, in the case of Fuel Oil, refers Nuno Matos (the speaker at the conference representing Eco-Oil). In a year so difficult for our lives, in a year in which we had the pandemic, Eco-oil ended up growing at double digits, thanks to the success that EcoGreen Power has had with its customers”, who, together, avoided the emission of about 3,600 tons of pollutants”, reveals Nuno Matos, Managing Director of the company”.

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